Thriven and throfiction Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet – Chapter 2304 amuse insidious -p3

Prestantiousnovel Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet txt – Chapter 2304 frail steep -p3
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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2304 unique reign
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“The main purpose of tonight’s meal was amusement, however i still have to decrease everyone’s mood a little,” Yi Lingjun started.
“h.e.l.lo, Director.”
Yin Yuerong’s severe gaze shot toward Si Yehan.
President Yi hadn’t arrived at criticize Si Yehan?!
Many increased-ups’ gazes landed on Si Yehan.
In the reference to the Yun City occurrence, everyone was startled. Naturally absolutely everyone understood about this kind of key incident, especially them, the better-ups in the Arbitration Local authority or council. How could they be unaware?
“Yes yes yes…”
“The main purpose of tonight’s banquet was pleasure, however still need to reduced everyone’s spirits a bit,” Yi Lingjun commenced.
“Heh… Do you imagine that, Director Si? The Independent States’ guidelines and system since olden days have certain the continuity in the Individual States. Amending the rules happens to be an utter joke.”
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Yi Lingjun nodded. “I consider all of us have read about the incident in Yun Community.”
The larger-ups who are criticizing Si Yehan froze in their locations with dumbstruck expression.
“The main objective of tonight’s banquet was leisure, nevertheless i still have to reduced everyone’s mood just a little,” Yi Lingjun commenced.
“The behavior of Yun City’s Martial Arts Training Union was very outlandish, but they also serve as a memo for people like us to consider whether several of the policies which are pa.s.sed down from ancient times inside the Self-sufficient Declare are fair and in case we must amend a number of them,” Yi Lingjun calmly reported.
Yin Yuerong’s strong gaze shot toward Si Yehan.
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Yi Lingjun nodded. “I feel everybody has come across the accident in Yun City.”
V . P . Qin nodded a few times in succession. “You have to attend to a lot of issues everyday, Leader, so please do as you have.”
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Leader Yi hadn’t go to criticize Si Yehan?!
Yi Lingjun before long went to the phase, his sight sweeping above the bedroom.
It sprang out he was pondering excessive earlier. Yi Lingjun wasn’t the type of person who used favoritism.
“Si Yehan?”
“The activities of Yun City’s Martial Arts Union was very outlandish, they also serve as a reminder for people like us to take into account whether a few of the rules and regulations which were pa.s.sed down from thousands of years ago within the Unbiased Status are realistic and if we should instead amend a variety of them,” Yi Lingjun calmly explained.
“I keep in mind Director Yin personally proceeded to go there to deal with this accident.” Yi Lingjun looked to Yin Yuerong.
Yi Lingjun smiled faintly. “After reviewing the encouraged amendments that Director Si suggested, I wasn’t compared actually and perhaps discovered him rather amiable.”
Chief executive Yi hadn’t visit criticize Si Yehan?!
Yin Heng secretly sneered. Si Yehan was seriously gutsy and actually dared to issue the Independent State’s regulations and method and delivered it with Director Yi! He was simply asking for his own dying!
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“Mm.” Yi Lingjun produced a seem responding.
“Nonsense, President,” Vice President Qin thought to Yi Lingjun having a chuckle.
Soon, somebody went forward that has a vino gla.s.s at your fingertips. He greeted the director having a mild chuckle: “President, long time no see.”
“That’s indeed the way it is, Leader,” Yin Yuerong confessed having a nod.
Within the reference to the Yun Community event, everybody was startled. Not surprisingly everybody believed about a really key occurrence, in particular them, the larger-ups from the Arbitration Council. How could they be confused?
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Vice President Qin nodded a couple of times in succession. “You have to attend to several affairs every day, Leader, so remember to as you have.”
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The greater-ups who were criticizing Si Yehan froze with their destinations with dumbstruck expressions.
When Qin Xiyuan observed Yi Lingjun, she quickly went up and greeted him.
Shortly, an individual went forward by using a wine gla.s.s at hand. He greeted the director by using a lighting chuckle: “President, very long time no see.”
When Qin Xiyuan noticed Yi Lingjun, she quickly walked up and greeted him.

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