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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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Oh-Zhong hastily stormed forward and complained, “Madam, Auntie Qiao gets increasingly more unruly! She actually desires the chef in order to cook a various meats bowl for those tiny brat? Doesn’t he know Madam can’t stay the stench of meat? Which kind of intentions does she have?! She clearly desires to antagonize you, Madam!”
Yin Yuerong leisurely rolled up her sleeves as she reported, “Auntie Qiao, prepare the constituents. I’ll make it myself.”
Auntie Qiao was approximately to talk when Yin Yuerong’s speech was been told behind them. “Why have you intend to see me?”
Yin Yuerong sent back towards the provide. “I understand just a little.”
Yin Yuerong: “…”
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I want to feed on it generated by Grandma!”
Nie Tangxiao… Tangxiao…
Yin Yuerong aloofly glanced at him. “Who stated I explained to the chef to make a beef bowl?”
Auntie Qiao: “…!!!”
Since then, she hadn’t made.
“Then what’s the meaning behind your company name?” Yin Yuerong inquired.
She obtained nearly overlooked she actually recognized the way to make. For Si Huaizhang, she mastered a selection of cooking skills.
Tangtang’s identity?
A Cathedral Courtship

Yin Yuerong went back into the show. “I am aware a little bit.”
Nevertheless, he didn’t feed on anything she created even one time.
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Tangtang blinked. “Suppose, Grandma!”

Yin Yuerong investigated the small fella’s vibrant manifestation and stunning starry eye, and her very own gaze gradually softened involuntarily. “Millimeters, it’s an excellent label.”
Preferably, she ran into him in the office the moment, taking in the encased meal that female manufactured for him. The lunchtime was poorly manufactured and appeared a bit burnt even, but he dealt with it much like a value. He even flew to a dreadful rage toward her because she knocked over the food that woman designed.
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I wish to take in it done by Grandmother!”
It seemed to be a very casual brand, but the which means actually ended up being this comfortable.
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Ah-Zhong: “…?”
[1] Chilly nights
Pleasant and sour… free ribs…
Tangtang blinked. “Guess, Granny!”

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